Saturday, 18 January 2014

Valentine's Ideas For Him! (and sometimes her!)

Valentine’s Ideas for Him (and sometimes her!)

So there’s still over three weeks to go, but with the majority of men being difficult to buy for I thought I would tackle this issue nice and early. Now just when I thought the whole gift giving thing was over with and I could give my little mind a rest, I now have to come up with something else. AND it’s mine and my fiancés anniversary on the 7th Feb too, so I have 2 things to think of!

Sometimes men can be easy to buy for; xbox games or beer can do the trick. However I would much rather buy him something romantic and maybe useful than something that will encourage him to sit playing games and drinking beer, just saying.

So without further ado, here’s 10 present ideas that suit all budgets and don’t include the typical manly stuff.

  • A treat basket.

I did this one once as a present and it went down a storm. Take a little basket, tub or box. Jazz it up a little with some wrapping paper or ribbon or whatever and fill it with treats. Here’s some ideas:
-          -Favourite sweets
-         - Massage oils
-        -  Boyfriend ‘vouchers’ (These can be spent on anything he wants!)
-        -  Photographs
-        -  Mini pampering things (they love this really!)
-        -  Naughty things (condoms, knickers….you get the drift)
-        -  A DVD
-         -Anything else that’s small enough to fit into your little basket J

Then once you are done wrap it up in some ribbon so it looks fancy and there you have it. This is great as it can work for a variety of budgets and involves a lot of thought which will hopefully be appreciated!

  •   An evening with YOU

Now this is something less materialistic but does involve time and thought. First, create an invitation to dine with you on Valentine’s Day and include a menu. To make it extra special post it, because everybody likes getting post (Unless it’s bills). Include a time and a dress code to make it more fun. Smart and sophisticated or nice and naughty? You decide! Now if you can get a room, even if it’s just your bedroom, do it up nicely for the occasion. This can include candles, flowers, and the right music…anything to fit the theme. For example, if you were doing it in your bedroom you could lay out a table cloth on your bed, put a few rose petals around and play some relaxing music. Then you can eat your homemade or ordered in Chinese takeaway with a romantic twist. Alternatively you could set the table for a three course meal, have your favourite songs on in the background, pictures on the walls, candles… be creative!

  • Mix it up: BUY YOUR OWN GIFT.

Hear me out on this one. What I mean by buying your own gift is to go out and buy yourself something that he will appreciate. For example, I might go and buy myself a Liverpool fc shirt or some fancy lingerie, and he might go and buy himself a book to read on a subject that I am interested in. This way you get to do something for your other half that you probably would not usually do.

  • Romantic Scavenger Hunt

Start the day with a text or an email with the first clue, and include memorable locations. Have as many places as you want, with a clue at each. End it at the most special place to you both, like where you met or where your first date was. Not going to lie I met my fiancé on a curb at 4am whilst heavily drunk, so might not be the best end location, but can certainly be a stop along the way. If you want to go the extra mile enlist the help of others. For example, I’m sure the nice lady or gent at your local shop or a neighbour will be able to keep hold of a clue for you.

  •      Do something spontaneous.

Set a budget and then write as many random ideas that you can on a piece of paper between both of you. For example, you might put wine tasting, swimming, horse riding or baking. Put as many as you can into a hat/bowl and have one of you select one. Whatever it is go and do it, and pick out a present for each other during or after the day as a nice reminder and get any pictures taken developed. 

What are your plans this Valentine's Day?

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

#BbloggersWLW - Weight Loss Wednesday Week #1

For lack of a better picture I opted for a selfie

I don’t remember anything under a size 14, and this is something I drastically want to change. I am a very ‘all or nothing’ kind of person, and find it difficult to stick to a healthy eating plan for that very reason; one little slip up and I am off the wagon completely. Now as per usual my new year’s resolution was to give weight loss another go, but having a nasty tooth extraction and infection has delayed me a little. Now that I am healthy I have no excuse, and am eager to get started again.

Usually I would try to follow Slimming World or Weight Watchers, but I am thinking of trying another approach; my fitness pal. My fitness pal is a website/app where you can track what you eat and it keeps track of your calorie/fat/carb intake, amongst other things. I am tired of having rules, and just want to try and set my own for a change by making better decisions. My main issue is boredom eating, so I am also going to try and keep myself as busy as possible.

I was inspired to blog about my journey from the #BloggersWLW tag on twitter, where people post about their weight loss journey on a Wednesday. Every Wednesday I will post an update on my weight loss journey, whether it be good or bad, and what I have learnt along the way. Previously I have managed to lose over a stone, but then something will always come along and rain on my parade. I have so much more motivation this time around: I’m engaged, going to university in September and going on a girly holiday in August. I can’t put this off any longer!

So I’m hoping that I’ll get the support of a lot of you at #bloggerswlw and I will definitely return the favour; let’s have 2014 be OUR year! I’m starting at 13st 3lbs, and am aiming for a 4lb loss in my first week. (You tend to lose more in your first week!)
Thanks for reading lovelies!

Steph x 

Tuesday, 14 January 2014


Here we have it, my very first blog sale! These are a couple of things which just aren’t my colour or I have too many of. Will ship anywhere in Europe but an extra cost for postage will apply for anywhere outside of the UK.

UK: £2 per item and then 40p for every extra item
Anywhere else in Europe: £3.50 per item and then 40p for every extra item.

If in any case the postage for an item ends up less than this the amount will be refunded.
All payments must be made through paypal, and details will be emailed to you.
Comment on here if you want an item; it’ll be reserved for 24 hours. Either include your email in the comment or email me at once you have posted. 

Happy shopping!!

Lynx Attract For Her-Shower Gel UNUSED: 50p  
Crazy Colour Pinkissimo USED ONCE, ALMOST FULL: £1
Superdrug Black Cherry Semi Permanent UNUSED: 50p

APOCALIPS in NOVA, NUDE ECLIPSE AND LUNA. All used once or twice. £2 each or £5 for all 3 SOLD

Nair Soothing Wax Kit, UNOPENED: £1

Soap & Glory Righteous Body Butters, 
300 ML used twice, £2
50ML used once, 50p

Remember to comment to buy, and then either leave your email address or email me as  x

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How to DRESS SLIMMER! My top 5 tips.

It does not matter if you haven’t got an ounce of fat or if you’re a curvy lady, sometimes everybody just feels a little frumpy. This is me on most days, and although my size of UK14/US10 is the national average here in the UK, I still like to FEEL my best. I don’t want to be worrying about whether my rear end looks big or whether my legs look chunky, instead I want to be 100% confident that I look my best 24/7. Now I am not suggesting that anybody should want to lose weight or that anybody is larger than they should be, this is just an article for those who sometimes need a little pick me up and want to make the most of their shape; you can still look curvy, sexy and glamorous no matter what your weight! So, without further ado, here are my personal favourite tips that help me to feel great!

1.       Wear Black
Yes, if done wrong you may look like you’re attending an unhappy event, but black can be fantastically sexy and instantly makes you look slimmer. This is because light does not reflect well off of the colour black, and so certain shadows will be disguised. If you’re scared of looking too plain then you can jazz up any black outfit with some vibrant accessories. Here is an example from (I will use asos throughout this post for good examples as it is a worldwide retailer.)


Warehouse Dress @ Asos /Ted Baker Blouse @ Asos/Asos Jeans @ Asos

2.       Carry a larger handbag/purse
I’m not suggesting carrying a large purse/bag if all you are going to have in it is breath mints and car keys, but if you find yourself desperate for more room then this is an excellent excuse. Having a larger bag plays around with the proportions of your outfit, naturally making you seem slimmer. For extra points team a bright purse/bag with a LBD (Little black dress) and you’re good to go!

3.       Vertical stripes
Okay so this is one for the fashion-brave, but vertical stripes can have an amazing effect. Where horizontal stripes stretch you out and make you look larger, vertical stripes lengthen you, and therefore make you look longer and leaner. Here’s some examples from asos:

Wood wood Kim@ Asos vertical jeans/Asos @ Asos shirt

4.       High Heels!
I used to think that heels were just something for a night out, but have since learnt that if worn correctly they can look fabulous in the day time. Team a pair (that you can walk in!) with some skinny jeans and an eye catching blouse! Not only will you look slimmer, but you’ll also feel so much more confident in yourself and your posture will be instantly improved. If you can’t walk in heels then try some wedges.

5.       Statement jewellery
One of my favourite tactics is to where a big chunky necklace to draw the attention away from my post-pasta belly! Primark have tons at the moment. Not only that, but they don’t half make you feel 100x more glamorous.

So there we have it, 5 tips to help you dress slimmer! What are your tips? 

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