Wednesday, 15 January 2014

#BbloggersWLW - Weight Loss Wednesday Week #1

For lack of a better picture I opted for a selfie

I don’t remember anything under a size 14, and this is something I drastically want to change. I am a very ‘all or nothing’ kind of person, and find it difficult to stick to a healthy eating plan for that very reason; one little slip up and I am off the wagon completely. Now as per usual my new year’s resolution was to give weight loss another go, but having a nasty tooth extraction and infection has delayed me a little. Now that I am healthy I have no excuse, and am eager to get started again.

Usually I would try to follow Slimming World or Weight Watchers, but I am thinking of trying another approach; my fitness pal. My fitness pal is a website/app where you can track what you eat and it keeps track of your calorie/fat/carb intake, amongst other things. I am tired of having rules, and just want to try and set my own for a change by making better decisions. My main issue is boredom eating, so I am also going to try and keep myself as busy as possible.

I was inspired to blog about my journey from the #BloggersWLW tag on twitter, where people post about their weight loss journey on a Wednesday. Every Wednesday I will post an update on my weight loss journey, whether it be good or bad, and what I have learnt along the way. Previously I have managed to lose over a stone, but then something will always come along and rain on my parade. I have so much more motivation this time around: I’m engaged, going to university in September and going on a girly holiday in August. I can’t put this off any longer!

So I’m hoping that I’ll get the support of a lot of you at #bloggerswlw and I will definitely return the favour; let’s have 2014 be OUR year! I’m starting at 13st 3lbs, and am aiming for a 4lb loss in my first week. (You tend to lose more in your first week!)
Thanks for reading lovelies!

Steph x 


  1. I love myfitness pal, so good! Really helped me lose weight :) good luck! xx

    1. thank you! it's good isn't, helps you to stay in control without so many rules xx

  2. I’m also apart of My Fitness Pal and find it so good for keeping on track of what you’re eating and weight loss etc but don’t go too hard on yourself as that may lead to you falling off the wagon as you put it. Give yourself a cheat meal twice a month which allows all your cravings to be satisfied - it’l help and means you can look forward to it too!!

    Good luck!


  3. That's a good idea, thank you! xx

  4. Hey hun, let me know your username on MyFitnessPal so we can be friends :) Im a fellow #bloggerwlw and use it and Im getting on great with it. So feel free to add me! fatbeautyx

    I am currently hosting a Valentines Box Swap with another blogger! It's going to be alot of fun! (link)

    Lucie xxx Fatbeautyx

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  5. Hi! my username on mfp is stephr1010, gonna get cracking tomorrow with it all can't wait to see how the scales look next week! xx

  6. Hi lovely! Thank you for making me aware of this twitter thing! I am trying to loose a few pounds due to a girls holiday and just being fed up! Best of luck xx

  7. Good luck on your journey! I lost 10 stone so I know how hard it is.

    If anyone wants to add me on Myfitness pal my user name is roxilou1

    Would be nice to have some extra friends to help motivate me on there!