“Dose of Pretty”

You may be wondering what Dose of Pretty is… READ ON 🙂

WHO: HI! I’m Chanush, and I am the creator & blogger. You can always reach me at Chanush@DoseofPretty.com

WHAT: Doseofpretty.com is a Blog based on all things Premed & Fashion; basically what I am all about. I believe you can be nerdy and fashionable, and there is no reason why anyone should sacrifice one for the other.

WHEN: I actually wanted to start this blog a long time ago, and I did… but I never launched it…SOOOOO; here goes nothing 🙂

WHERE: On the World Wide Web 🙂 Incase anyone is wondering I use managed WordPress.

WHY: When I decided I wanted to start blogging, I did not know what to blog about. So, I decided to combine two of my favorite things together being a soon-to-be doctor and a fashionista. They are both a big part of my life. In addition to that, I am always asked why am I dressed up for school? Uhhh, why not? Just because most people decide to come to class looking like zombies doesn’t mean I have too. I also get asked who I’m dressing up for? ME, myself & I! Fashion is a great way to express yourself, switch up your look and feel confident. That being said; I have nothing against people who come to school in sweats or looking like zombies. As long as your happy – I’m happy!

HOW: Thank you Optimum Online! You da real MVP!